Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No Longer

Left on the broken porch
Ashes under her bare feet
Hands empty and open
Eyes watching it float away

Alone on the cracked concrete
His smile in her eyes
Lips parted in a snarl
Heart bleeding under her shirt

Feet planted on packed dirt
Eyes staring glaring forward
Fingers trembling remembering
She will wait no longer

Thursday, January 27, 2011


He put her heart on the shelf.
His lips said NO and NEVER
But his arms said WAIT and SOON.
So, she held her breath
And her heart sat so pretty and still.
He came back to check on her.
With a flutter of anticipation
Her pretty heart sweetly glowed.
He smiled and held it gently in his hands.
His lips whispered sweet words
And the fluttering moved into pounding.
Her breath caught as he softly whispered
He placed her heart back on the shelf.
With a glance over his shoulder,
He smiled his sweet smile.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


When she can't sleep, she lays on her side with a pillow held close and whispers to herself, "Let's go somewhere else."
Behind her closed eyelids, she travels to a place where she is miraculously thin and confident. Pandora plays her background soundtrack and a warm 1950's cinema glow softens the edges. This is a place where the crush on her boss is justified by her desire and he is just as drawn to her. Events unfold as she dreams ... a rain storm, a dark room, a hesitant kiss, a passionate kiss, her hands in his hair, their bodies coming together ...
What is she wearing? Where is his wife? Where are his kids? Will someone come in? How long do they have? What would happen afterward?
Another fantasy fucked by reality.
She rolls over. The pillow spoons her back. She closes her eyes tightly. "Let's go somewhere else." She's thin ... a trail, a crisp fall afternoon, a handsome stranger ...